Burglar Alarms, Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Do You have concerns about what happens to your motor vehicle or assets when you aren't around.? it is now possible to track almost any object or subject You can think of, at a really reasonable rate.  We can even track and monitor fluids, powd

An affordable Wireless, 4 (four) or 8 (eight) zone, Burglar Alarm system with a built-in, programmable, 6 (six) number dialler (Telkom or Cellular), sound bomb and 2 (two) remote controls and all at a fraction of the financial outlay and inconvenienc

Is Your "Smart" electric fence losing its zap..?? A well constructed and properly erected Electric Fence is an effective intruder prevention and early warning alert device. A shoddy installation is a waste of time, resources and money. it's