Services relating to Identifying, Investigating and Solving Crimes of a Financial Nature.

Investigating Crime, apprehending the Criminal and saving the Corporate World money is what Intrepid Security Consulting cc specialises in . The Criminal threats to the Corporate, Business and/or Factory Environment are many to say the least. 

Using the services of a professional Security Consulting Company to perform a comprehensive and accurate Security assessment on Your Company, Institution, Factory or Home is a prerequisite to curbing crime, reducing your Risk profile and saving lives

Comprehensive, Detailed and Accurate Risk Assessment is a very necessary project requiring a Proactive Analysis of all possible threats to a target. A complete understanding and knowledge of the Corporate's Operations or the Private persons da

Undertaking a complete Due Diligence Investigation and not entering Blind into a financial deal is always a brilliant idea. Make it Your idea and get "Intrepid Security Consulting cc" to do the leg work for you. This is also known as&

Face it, Asset management is a drag, Ask any Finance Director. Intrepid Security Consulting cc will assist you in keep tabs on your hard earned cash, see..assets.If you are tired of seeing your profits walking out of the door, we can help you.. Labe

Risk Management, aka, Risk Control...Keeping pace with the criminal fraternity will almost always be a catch up game. It involves a continuous upgrading of Security Procedures as well as the mindset needed for the process of identifying, isolati

The Crimes of Identity Theft, Fraud and Misrepresentation deserve their own dedicated section, This, due to the prevalence of these criminal acts in today's society.  These particular so called 'non-violent' criminal acts, together with.. among

Forgery and Uttering are one of the Great Criminal Plagues of Modern day Industry. These crimes are here to stay because they are probably the most lucrative of all the financial Crimes. Effective Document Verification and Forgery Detection is key

Planning, Implementing and co-ordinating a successful Covert or Undercover Operation and/or Sting Investigation is a specialised undertaking unto it’s own. This is largely due to the unique difficulties and the myriad of complexities and untold d