Dave Kruger and Raymond Nefdt, Founding members of Intrepid Security Consulting cc, believe in Service Excellence and Going Beyond the Call of Duty.   

Based in South Africa. We operate mainly in:- Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, Kimberley,  Welkom. However, We will travel anywhere inside South Africa or Internationally as required. We specialise in...But We are not limited to, providing You with the following services :-

  • Corporate Investigations (Fraud,Theft, Espionage etc..)

  • Private Investigations (Spousal, Residential and Family Surveillance etc.) 

  • General Surveillance and Monitoring Operations (Observing Sub Contractors and Cash-In-Transit 'C.I.T.' Vehicles and Staff Movement etc..)

  • Staff (Inhouse) Surveillance and Movement Monitoring 

  • Valuable Goods and Documentation, Surveillance, Tracking and Recovery Services

  • Event Monitoring, Logging and Incident Recording

  • Risk Assessments or Analysis and Report Compilation

  • Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P's)  Assessing and Compiling thereof, pertaining to specific areas as per client ie..Loss Control and Risk Management.

  • Threat Analysis, compiling Assessments and Reporting 

  • General Security Consulting (ie..Appraising and Advising on Security issues)

  • Cash-in-Transit (C.I.T.) Escorting / Protection

  • Close Protection Operatives, Bodyguarding aka (V.I.P.) High Risk Principles

  • High Risk and Low Risk Security Drivers

  • Security Escorting  (Low Risk Principles)

  • Due Diligence Researching and Financial Risk Profiling

  • Background Checks on Staff (Financial and Criminal Intelligence)

  • Covert and Overt Operations (Inserting Moles and coordinating undercover operations)

  • Sting Operations (Planning, Initiating, Coordinating and Concluding Sting Ops.)
  • Electronic Security Equipment (Supplying, installing electronic security devices)


Confidentiality and Privacy assured in all matters, ALWAYS..."Intrepid Security Consultants cc" strives at all times to provide You with the best possible service available at reasonable prices ...To exceed all Your expectations in providing an exceptional Service, Speedy Results and Manageable Risk Solutions to either You or your Business..

The owners of "Intrepid Security Consulting cc" care about You and about resolving Your Security Issues and/or Risk related concerns and We believe in providing our Valued Clients with Peace of Mind by finding Workable Solutions to Your Security related problems, what ever they may be..And this, for reasonable prices.

We operate Nationally all over South Africa...or, should You need us to...Internationally..

nb..Please remember to give us sufficient forewarning should International travel be 'On the Cards' as some visas take longer to arrange than others..